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The perfect eyelash for your eye shape!

We all have different eye shapes and want to enhance the appearance of them with makeup and lashes. Today, we will talk about which style of lash best suits your individual eye shape. 

If you have ....

Down Turned Eyes: This is you if your eyes have a slight dropping at the outer corners. The perfect Azeredo Lashes for you are "Hollywood" or "Legendary" because these styles will give you a cat eye effect. This will give you a lifted outer corner to prevent the look of drooping eyes. 

Protruding Eyes: This is you if your eyes look like they bulge out from the eye socket area. The perfect Azeredo Lashes for you is "Irresistible" because this style has a lot of volume for a heavier look. This helps reduce the size of bigger protruding eyes. 

Close Set Eyes: This is you if your eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. The perfect Azeredo Lashes for you are "Legendary" or "So Me" because these styles flare out at the outer corner which brings the focus outward. This creates the illusion of more space between the eyes. Note if you have the opposite which is wide set eyes you want Azeredo Lashes in "Irresistible" which has a consistent pattern across the lid to pull the eyes closer together.

Deep Set Eyes: This is you if your eyes are large and set deeper into the skull, creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. The perfect Azeredo Lashes for you is "Doll" because of the extra length it curves up at the center, away from the brow bone area. 

Hooded Eyes: This is you if your eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller. The perfect Azeredo Lashes for you is "So Me" because of the length. This is important because if the lash isn't long it can disappear under the lid fold.

Monolid Eyes: This is you if your eyes appear flat on the surface and do not have much of a crease if any at all. You can use any style you want but it is best to curl your lashes every time to get an eye-catching lift. 

Hope this guide helps any of you looking for styles that suit your unique eye shape and remember these are only recommendations. You do not need to follow this guide if you have a preference for an almond shape lash or a round shape lash, go with what you like best.

If you have any questions for me comment them down below and I will answer them here. Till next time be a boss! 

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We Explain Our Lash Names!

Starting a cosmetics brand and coming up with names for our first product was a lot of fun. 

Today I am going to explain the names behind all of our lashes from the synthetic fiber collection.

"So Me": This is my personal favorite lash and I felt this style suited me perfectly. Its super lightweight and added the perfect amount of drama but still looks natural. This is my everyday lash of choice which is why I called it "So Me".  -Amanda, owner of Azeredo Cosmetics LLC.

Irresistible: This style creates the perfect volume across the lash line which gives a voluminous look. What is more irresistible then a women batting her full lashes?

Legendary: This lash gives you the perfect almond/cat eye shape which is a universal preferred style. When you wear these lashes people will remember you, you will become legendary

Doll: This lash is shaped to give you a wide eye doll like appearance, so it only seemed appropriate that we called this lash Doll.

Hollywood: The most common lash style you see on the big screen are wispy lashes, so we had to name our most wispy lash from this collection Hollywood.

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