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About Us

Azeredo Lashes are luxurious handmade eyelashes, we currently sell human hair and mink eyelashes. The mink hairs are collected during shedding season and animals are not harmed in the making of these lashes. The founder of Azeredo Cosmetics Amanda Azeredo (IG: @a.amandaazeredo),  was first a makeup artist, who knew early on in her career she wanted to start her own cosmetics line. The cosmetics line had to start with lashes, as a makeup artist she always felt eyelashes always completed the final look. The company name comes from her father's last name, who recently passed away from cancer. In his honor we have partnered up with the cancer research foundation and we will be donating 5% of every lash purchased at Azeredo Cosmetics to help fight this disease. Amanda's vision is to create lashes that look great while helping a cause so close to her heart. 

Azeredo Lashes is a beauty must have for everyone. Azeredo Lashes are light, comfortable and long lasting. We custom made these lashes to suit different styles and eye shapes.